IIIrd International Sigitas Šilinskas Classical guitar competition Vilnius 2019

IIIrd International Sigitas Šilinskas Classical Guitar Competition, Vilnius 2019 will take place on 20–23 February 2019 in Vilnius, at the address:

Algirdo g. 23/6, Vilnius Algirdas School of Music, Vilnius

During the competition information will be provided in Lithuanian and English.

Participants of the competition will be divided into the following age groups: 


I   group   up to 9 years

II  group  10 – 12 years

III group 13 – 15 years

IV group 16 – 19 years

V  group  20 - 30 years

Ensembles – Only pupils

VI   group   up to 15 years

VII group 16–30 years

Ensembles – Teacher and students

VIII group  up to 15 years

IX    group 16–30 years


An ensemble’s age group is determined by the eldest participant.

A teacher cannot play in the ensembles category “Only pupils”.

In the ensemble’s category “Teacher and pupils”, the teacher’s age is not counted. Laureate’s or graduate’s name is not given to a teacher.

Only classical guitars shall be plaid in an ensemble. Other instruments cannot participate in the ensemble.





Participants of the competition of Ist, IInd, IIIrd, VIth, VIIth, VIIIth, IXth groups perform freely chosen pieces of 2–3 different genres. One of them must be a classic genre i. e. XVI–XIX c. (composers born in the XIXth c. up to 1850). Compulsory piece may not be of an unknown author (Anonym).

The duration of performance – Ist, IInd, VIth, VIIIth groups for 8 min.; VIIth, IXth groups – 9–12 min.; IIIrd group – 10–15 min.

Participants of IVth, Vth groups:

First round – 10–15 min. In the programme of the first round the participants shall perform freely chosen pieces of 2–3 different genres. One of them must be a classic genre i. e. XVI–XIX c. (composers born in the XIXth c. up to 1850). Compulsory piece may not be of an unknown author (anonym).

The second round – 10–15 min. – freely chosen programme. Pieces performed in the first round cannot be repeated.

Exceeding the time limit, the commission may terminate the participant’s performance.

Participants of the competition in the solo category shall perform the programme by heart.

Apparatus for sounding of instruments shall not be used in the competition.


Evaluations of the competition

Three first place winners will be awarded with winners diplomas, while the fourth and fifth place winners – diplomas. There may also be assigned the Grand Prix award. All competitors and their teachers will be awarded with letters of appreciation. There are possible other prizes.

The jury reserves the right not to assign certain places and awards. The jury’s assessment is final, undisputed and irrevocable. The jury will be announced later.


Terms of participation in the competition

In order to participate in the IIIrd International classical guitar competition, it is necessary to send an application by e-mail: vilniusgk@gmail.com by 20 January 2019.

The application consists of: participant’s form; certificate of birth, copy of passport or ID card, which clearly shows the date of birth; photo of the competition booklet.

Upon receipt of the confirmation of registration, a participant must pay a participant’s fee of the competition by 31 January 2019

First 100 participants will be registered.

Playbacks and a final concert of the competition may be recorded in the information media, with the permission of the organizers. Can be broadcasted on the radio, television and internet, at no extra charge to the competitors.

Participants of the competition sending an application agree with the provisions of the competition.


Participant’s fee:

Solo category –  I gr. – 35 EUR., II - III gr. – 45 EUR, IV– V gr. – 55 EUR.

The ensemble category – 25 EUR for each member of the ensemble.

If in the ensemble are playing more than four participants – 20 EUR.

In the ensemble category “Teacher and students” –  the teacher does not need to pay a participant’s fee.

If the same participant shows in different categories or ensembles, he/she pays 5 EUR less for each performance.

Default to the competition, entry fee is not refundable.

All costs related to money transfer, travel and accommodation costs shall be borne by the participants themselves.

If participate a number of pupils of the same teacher, the money can be paid for all participants immediately, indicating the names and surnames. Also, a transfer can be done and for the ensemble.

For more information about the progress of the competition and changes, if any, we will report in advance.


Organizers: Association MOTUS RECTO

                         Vilnius Algirdas School of Music

Partner: Association ARTS LIBERA


In case of uncertainties, please contact:


Applications and  regulations you can send from: